Try Before You Buy

Choosing the right artwork for your home can be challenging and hard to visualise how it will look in its intended space.

Introducing our digital 'try before you buy' service where you can send us photos of the room the piece is intended for and let us know the artwork's you like. We will then digitally hang the artwork on your wall, so that you can get an idea of how it will look in real life.

If you are just looking for ideas we can also choose a selection of works on your behalf to fit both your budget and space

Here's how

1. Take a photo your wall.
Measure the wall space and make note of it. See image below.

2. Send the photo to us by email here and let us know which artist you like we will do the rest.

3. You get unlimited images for free-no obligation.

Simple as that!

Before. Make sure you measure the wall space seen in the photo  


Artist Constance Regardsoe

Image above.
Trapped Light by Constance Regardsoe - Original - Oil on Linen - 110cm x 110cm 
Also available as a hand-finished limited edition print REF-HandFinished-Constance


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