The Judge and the Damned

This stunning new work by Magnus Gjoen is now available. Two original works are available one featuring vivid Orange detail the other Sand, both with 24crt Gold Leaf, Acrylic paint and silk screen on a wooden panel.

Taking its influence from The Fall of the Damned, alternately known as The Fall of the Rebel Angels a monumental religious painting by Rubens. Rubens work features a jumble of the bodies of the damned, hurled into abyss by Archangel Michael and accompanying angels.

Once a fashion designer for big-name labels including Vivienne Westwood, Gjoen has turned his attention to contemporary art with stunning effect. Using intricate florals and pattern honed during his study of design in London and Milan, he shows that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places, including skulls, beetles and grenades. In other works, he adorns the kind of dusty classic portraits found in lesser-visited gallery rooms with witty scrawled faces, giving them a new lease of life.

£POA - please email us for more details or call 020 8245 1062


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